How to maintain your teeth after braces

Teeth play an essential part when it comes to eating. But they are also a crucial part of a smile. After going through the process of getting braces, visiting your dentist, and watching your teeth move then you would probably want to maintain your teeth and smile. You may be thinking that keeping your teeth is such a difficult task. But no, it is as simple as that, and this is what you should do.

Don’t forget to wear a retainer

A retainer may not sound like a good idea after the removal of braces but is essential in ensuring your straightened teeth are kept in place. Braces apply pressure to shove teeth into place, and after they are removed, your teeth may want to shift into their earlier positions. Wearing a retainer can help avoid them from moving and thus keeping them properly aligned and straight.

While braces require that you wear them regularly, retainers are different; they are removable. But you have to wear them according to instructions. You can wear a retainer at night and occasionally during the day primarily after healing so as to keep your teeth straight. It is also important to clean your retainers regularly as this would help keep them in good shape.

Take care of your teeth

Dental care is imperative and it is even exceedingly important after taking time and effort to strengthen your teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. When you lose a tooth as a result of tooth decay or cavities, the remaining teeth move to fill the gap. If this happens, be sure it can change everything. It is necessary to ensure that your teeth are steady within your gums, strong, and do not have bacterial or plaque that results in tooth erosion. Good care of your teeth may include the following:

  • Brush your teeth: Make a habit of brushing your teeth for at least two times a day.
  • Practice the right brushing methods. Flossing after eating and brushing is the best way to maintain proper dental health.
  • Regular dental checkups and professional cleaning can also help avert problems that result in shifting of your teeth
  • Avoid eating foods that might stain your teeth

Take teeth shifting seriously

You have worked so hard to strengthen your teeth and have that stunning smile. You shouldn’t, therefore, ignore any sign of teeth movement. Tooth shifting may indicate a problem, and you should schedule a dental visit. Your dentist is in the right position to determine the next step that you should take. Even if there is no movement of your tooth, it is important to you have regular dental checkups and follow maintenance instructions by your orthodontist.

Bottom line

It is pointless to spend time and cash to create a stunning smile if you cannot make efforts to maintain it. Getting off the braces doesn’t mean stopping caring for your teeth. If you follow these tips then keeping your teeth straight is not as hard as you thought. It is just simple!