How to maintain your teeth after braces

Teeth play an essential part when it comes to eating. But they are also a crucial part of a smile. After going through the process of getting braces, visiting your dentist, and watching your teeth move then you would probably want to maintain your teeth and smile. You may be thinking that keeping your teeth is such a difficult task. But no, it is as simple as that, and this is what you should do.

Don’t forget to wear a retainer

A retainer may not sound like a good idea after the removal of braces but is essential in ensuring your straightened teeth are kept in place. Braces apply pressure to shove teeth into place, and after they are removed, your teeth may want to shift into their earlier positions. Wearing a retainer can help avoid them from moving and thus keeping them properly aligned and straight.

While braces require that you wear them regularly, retainers are different; they are removable. But you have to wear them according to instructions. You can wear a retainer at night and occasionally during the day primarily after healing so as to keep your teeth straight. It is also important to clean your retainers regularly as this would help keep them in good shape.

Take care of your teeth

Dental care is imperative and it is even exceedingly important after taking time and effort to strengthen your teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. When you lose a tooth as a result of tooth decay or cavities, the remaining teeth move to fill the gap. If this happens, be sure it can change everything. It is necessary to ensure that your teeth are steady within your gums, strong, and do not have bacterial or plaque that results in tooth erosion. Good care of your teeth may include the following:

  • Brush your teeth: Make a habit of brushing your teeth for at least two times a day.
  • Practice the right brushing methods. Flossing after eating and brushing is the best way to maintain proper dental health.
  • Regular dental checkups and professional cleaning can also help avert problems that result in shifting of your teeth
  • Avoid eating foods that might stain your teeth

Take teeth shifting seriously

You have worked so hard to strengthen your teeth and have that stunning smile. You shouldn’t, therefore, ignore any sign of teeth movement. Tooth shifting may indicate a problem, and you should schedule a dental visit. Your dentist is in the right position to determine the next step that you should take. Even if there is no movement of your tooth, it is important to you have regular dental checkups and follow maintenance instructions by your orthodontist.

Bottom line

It is pointless to spend time and cash to create a stunning smile if you cannot make efforts to maintain it. Getting off the braces doesn’t mean stopping caring for your teeth. If you follow these tips then keeping your teeth straight is not as hard as you thought. It is just simple!

How does Invisalign work ?

Invisalign is increasing in popularity each day as an effective alternative to braces for straightening teeth. However, they are different than traditional braces. Some people may be confused on how they work. Here’s an overview of the process:


Invisalign works great in most cases. But it is necessary to start the Invisalign treatment with an exam. The exam will determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. It’s important to keep in mind that the Invisalign treatement works for teens and adults, but not with baby teeth.


A record is created after the exam. It includes photographs of your teeth and face, dental impressions of your teeth, and x-rays. These are then sent to Invisalign with detailed instructions on how the teeth should be moved.


Next, a 3D model is created from your impressions and a technician will model how your teeth will move to their final position.

Once satisfied with the 3D model, invisalign mails a series of aligners. This usually takes about four weeks from the time the impressions are made. After that you are ready to have your teeth straightened.


The Invisalign trays have to be work for two weeks at a time. The teeth will usually move about 1/10mm per tray, so that your teeth are slightly straighter with every tray you wear. During these two weeks, pressure is created by the trays to make you teeth fit into position.


In some cases, additional variations should be considered. With people who have crowded front teeth, it is sometimes necessary to make some space where teeth would fit. There are several ways to do this. In most cases, the trays are made to do some expansion of the back teeth. This makes for a broader smile and solves the issues of crowded teeth.


Another way to achieve more space is to bring the front teeth slightly forward. There’s a third way which consists of making some teeth slightly skinnier. It’s a process of sanding and filling in between some teeth to create more space. The process is not noticeable and you will not get any sensitivity from it.


Something called “attachments” is sometimes used. They are small bumps of plastic material attached to the teeth, and have the same color. They give a griping point for the aligners to attach to the teeth. These “attachments” help the aligner stick on better and provide more pressure to move the teeth in the given direction. However, not everyone needs them.



It is preferable to wear the aligners close to full time. But a major advantage of the Invisalign system is that you can remove them while eating, brushing and flossing. Typically it is better to wear the aligners for 20 hours a day. This will hep your teeth move faster to their final position on that given tray.


Is is possible to be finished with the last tray but still need your teeth to move slightly out of a position. When this is the case, new set of impressions are made and new trays get sent to continue the process. This process involves no additional fees and most people have their teeth in the desired position using this second set of trays.


Your Children Must Visit The Dentist


The dentist is the kind of professional everyone should visit at least 3 times per year, but in the case of your children it’s even more important. On this piece of content you shall find the reasons for this. If you really care about your children, then all you need to do is to invest a few minutes of your day into reading this article. We won’t disappoint you, you can take it for granted.

Oral Health Is Important:

2Oral health is very important. A dentist will take care of everything regarding it, and you should know that your children are yet growing their teeth, so it’s important to get a dentist to check them out, in order to find potential issues.

3When these issues are detected on an early stage, it’s easier to correct them. Because the last thing you want is to let these problems pass undetected till it’s too late. For example, sometimes kids have problems with the direction of their teeth. In other words: they grow wrongly. This can be easily solved by a dentist who knows what’s he’s doing.

Your children’s oral health is very important and it goes beyond the aesthetics. Because damaged teeth will make it painful and disgusting for your child to eat, which could create noxious complexes with him, and you must avoid this at all costs.

You should educate him on why it’s important. You can tell him that if he doesn’t care about it, then he won’t be able to eat normally. And in fact it’s true, because if your child’s teeth become weak then they will have a big mess when eating, they are going to feel a lot of pain due to the increase teeth sensitivity.


The Importance of Proper Oral Hygiene


What’s the best way to make your teeth healthy, strong and beautiful? You need to start off by the diet, but on this piece of content we will talk about the importance – very big – of proper oral hygiene. That’s it. Without this vital element your teeth will only grow weaker and uglier.

Ugly and weak teeth are the recipe for disaster. They won’t help your appearance very much and on top of that you will be less functional. You will always have problems eating certain foods, so you will feel embarrassed and complicated. You need to make your life easy, and a set of strong and healthy teeth will do the trick.

Brush Your Teeth Like a Professional Dentist:

3 times a day. That’s all you need to bring your teeth the cleanse they need to shine. But you need to do it the right way. You shouldn’t do it too strong, because the unique thing you’ll accomplish with is to damage your gums, which will be terrible for you, because an infection in gums is totally painful and problematic.

You must brush them carefully and slowly. You should always renovate your toothbrush every 2 months, because with the pass of the time it tends to get damaged and lose effectiveness. Clean your teeth properly and renovate your toothbrush every 2 months.

It’s important to keep a slow yet steady peace when cleaning your teeth, because it’s very easy to hurt your gums and that will cause in you an even bigger and worse problem. Your gums are especially delicate, that’s why they must be treated with care and lots of delicacy.

So remember it all the time: it’s better to brush your teeth slowly than fast. You need to take care of your mouth, and that includes your gums, which are pretty sensitive to harsh movements.

Try These Home Remedies:

Turmeric powder in bowl and raw turmeric

There are certain home remedies which can help you greatly. First off, the simplest one is salt + warm water. Use this to wash your mouth at night and you will see great improvements in the color and appearance of your teeth in a short time. This is very simple and doesn’t have any kind of negative effect, so you should give it a try for 1-2 weeks.

Another popular and effective remedy is using baking soda + toothpaste. Just add a little bit of it to your normal toothpaste and brush your teeth with it. This is simple yet pretty effective, so you should give it a try because thanks to it you will get healthier and much brighter teeth.

This is all you need to know to improve the appearance and health of your teeth.

Adulthood: How To Strengthen Your Teeth


It’s normal to lose some strength in your teeth as you grow older. It’s completely natural. But not because it’s natural you should stay there and do nothing, no. You need to take action and see how you can improve this situation. And guess what? We are here to help you with it. So you just need to tune up to this article see what we have in store for you.

What we can tell you from now is that, if you apply these tips, you will see great improvements in a short time. For real, you will be amazed by the results so much you won’t stop smiling! Now let’s see how you can improve your smile and make your life a lot better.

Avoid Enamel Enemies:

3Are refined carbs and sugar-loaded products what you eat in a daily basis? Then you should consider quitting that habit, because it’s only damaging your teeth in many ways. If you want to make your teeth very strong, then your best move is to limit these foods to 1-2 times a week only. This way you will protect your teeth from this enamel destroyers, which will only make your teeth weaker with the pass of the time.

But we have to go beyond this. Because you need to follow a diet that includes lots of enamel-allies foods like vegetables. All of them. You need to eat plenty of vegetables if you want to enjoy of a fresh breath and healthy teeth.

For real, some people overcomplicate everything. They know what’s wrong, yet they are not ready to change anything. If you are in the same place right now, then we invite you to change your mind and realize that if you don’t take action towards fixing your current situation, then nothing will change.

Clean Your Teeth Properly and Daily:

It’s also important to give your teeth proper attention. They need you to take care of them. As simple as that. Yet not a lot of people seem to care about this.


You need to wash your teeth 3 times a day with the help of a good toothpaste, a great toothbrush and dental floss. These are three things you should have at home, because they will help your to keep your mouth fresh and clean at all times.

Proper oral hygiene is one of the most important things, especially for someone like you who’s experiencing teeth problems in adulthood. You need to be more careful than ever before, so do the right thing and clean your teeth as instructed. And do not forget about the diet, which is also very important for your teeth and overall health.